A Year Around the World in Photos

All of us at Texas Global are proud to lead international education at The University of Texas at Austin and grateful to those who help make it possible. Together with our partners on campus and beyond, we provide global experiences that are transformational for our university community.

Our students and faculty come from and travel to places all over the world, capturing important moments and experiences through their photography. Each year, we comb through hundreds of submissions from study abroad participants and international students and scholars to select twelve exemplary images for a calendar. We’ve showcased them here so you too can enjoy the images chosen for the 2018 Year Around the World calendar.

These images simultaneously capture both the ordinary details and the unique qualities of people and places across the world. It’s the experience of that duality that makes international education so valuable, when zooming in actually broadens your perspective.

Thank you for helping us make The University of Texas at Austin a global university and a global force for good.

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Image from Kathmandu, Nepal


Kathmandu, Nepal
Ashim Gajurel, Civil Engineering master's candidate
from Kathmandu, Nepal

Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona, Spain
Tom Yan, Finance sophomore
from Acton, Massachusetts, United States


La Fortuna, Costa, Rica


La Fortuna, Costa Rica
Marlon Haygood, Biology senior
from Austin, Texas, United States


Traditionally painted windows in Gangtok, the capital of the Indian state of Sikkim Amritesh.


Gangtok, India
Amritesh Rai, Electrical and Computing Engineering doctoral candidate
from Patna, Bihar, India


Photo of smiling woman holding child while wading in water in Bali, Indonesia.


Bali, Indonesia
Madison Buck, Health and Society senior
from San Antonio, Texas, United States


Landscape photo of lake and mountains in Patagonia, Chile.


Patagonia, Chile
Lauren Wagner, Spanish senior
from Fort Worth, Texas, United States


Close-up photo of elephant's face in Botswana, Africa.


Botswana, Africa
Zach Read, Sustainability Studies senior
from Plano, Texas, United States


Photo of bridge and building lights at night in Budapest, Hungary.


Budapest, Hungary
Prasanna Krishnamurthy, Petroleum Engineering doctoral candidate
from Mumbai, India


Landscape photo from Sydney, Australia.


Sydney, Australia
Xinsheng Chen, Astronomy and Computer Science senior
from Beijing, China


Up-close photo of goldfish in plastic bags in Hong Kong, China.


Hong Kong, China
Matthew Robertson, Advertising senior
from Austin, Texas, United States


Photo of two wooden chairs on slab of concrete on beach in Hook Head, Ireland.


Hook Head, Ireland
Ellen Brown, Psychology senior
from Austin, Texas, United States


Photo of people carrying flags while riding donkeys through the snow in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.


Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Green Guo, Business Analytics master's candidate
from Shanghai, China