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Texas Global welcomed to campus over 400 international and exchange students representing more than 38 countries, introducing them to all things Texan at New International Student Orientation. The students gathered in the Shirley Bird Perry… Read more

In collaboration with Savitribai Phule Pune University, UT Associate Professor Scott R. Stroud delivered the inaugural lecture at the launch of the new John Dewey Studies Center on Jan. 9 in Pune, India.  Stroud co-founded the center, which is… Read more

Of the over 4,000 students who study abroad each year, dozens share the impact international education has had on their lives by documenting their experiences abroad as part of the Global Ambassadors program.  Since 2018, Texas Global has selected… Read more

Academics representing universities across Mexico and the U.S. came together to strengthen educational partnerships and expand opportunities between the two countries at the U.S. Mexico Bilateral Forum on Higher Education, Innovation, and Research… Read more

For liberal arts student Fiona Hua, gaining cross-cultural communication skills was both a personal and professional ambition. Before she studied abroad and interned in China, the Global Professional Training program on East and Southeast Asia gave… Read more

UT students and employees traveling to international cities such as Mexico City, Bangkok and Tel Aviv will no longer need to go through extensive restricted regions protocol, thanks to an update in the travel safety policy that went into effect… Read more

A three-century-old architectural gem, Casa Herrera in Antigua, Guatemala, has become an invaluable center for students and faculty researching Mesoamerica. The international UT facility is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.  “Some of the… Read more

Nearly everyone has their own story of transformation and growth through connection with other countries and cultures. To highlight these experiences, universities across the nation celebrate the value of international education and exchange during… Read more

The University of Texas at Austin ranks third in the nation among all U.S. universities for the number of students studying abroad, according to the 2019 Open Doors Report released this week by the Institute of International Education. “We are… Read more

Students and faculty from across disciplines gathered to celebrate the five winning teams of the President’s Award For Global Learning at an awards dinner hosted by senior university leadership. After months of researching, presenting and competing… Read more

For international undergraduate students who want to gain a U.S. university experience while improving their English language skills, The University of Texas at Austin presents an exceptional new opportunity. The International Academy program offers… Read more

Short films telling the stories of underrepresented communities are the focus of a new Maymester program in London: Community Life Documented. The documentary course brings together students from across majors and colleges to connect with the… Read more

Teams of students and faculty members that will create biodegradable embellishments for clothes in Copenhagen, research gaps in diabetes care in Mexico, and leverage technology to deliver improved LGBTQ+ health care in India are among the five… Read more

Out of the top 1,500 institutions in 81 countries, UT Austin ranked No. 34 in the U.S. News & World Report's ranking of the best global universities. UT is the only university in Texas that has the distinction of being in the top 100 global… Read more

As a high school student, Alondra Albarran had always thought she would go into the medical field. But at UT Austin, she discovered her passion for cultural exchange, which inspired her to move to Japan after graduating in 2018 to work as an… Read more